Political Correspondent

WALKING and cycling schemes in Glasgow need more investment, the SNP has said.

The party’s leader on Glasgow City Council said if it takes control after the election in May it will increase spending for active travel to 10% of the overall budget for transport in the city.

With more than half of people in Glasgow not having access to a car, Susan Aitken said more resources should be targeted at walking and cycling.

She said: “We know that other cities around the world have embraced active travel options and we want to take Glasgow on that journey. That is why, over the course of the next Council term, an SNP City Government will increase active travel spend to 10% of our transport budget.

“We will build on projects currently underway and accelerate spend on active travel infrastructure and support throughout the city.”

Last week the Evening Times reported the current Labour administration announced cycle ways from the west of the city into the city centre with £12m investment.

Ms Aitken said she would build on current proposals but would develop a “radical approach”.

She added: “We will also commit to fund repairs to our pavements and work to make living streets of our city roads. We will reduce the speed limit on all roads except major routes and work with communities to implement traffic-free zones around schools.

“Our citizens deserve to see more support for active travel.”

The pledge was welcomed by environmental campaigners, who said it would bring wider health benefits.

Emilia Hanna, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Air Pollution Campaigner, said: “For the majority of people in Glasgow, who don’t have a car, the city’s roads need a shake up to make it easier to choose greener travel. Lots of people still do not feel it is safe to travel on foot or by bike, and that has got to change.”