THOUSANDS of Scots have indicated they would be in favour of a switch to an opt-out transplant system to help increase the number of donor organs.

Almost 18,000 (17,952) people have signed a petition launched by 38 Degrees saying they would be happy for individuals to be automatically added to the organ donor register, unless they have ‘opted out.’

Trish Murray, Campaign Manager at 38 Degrees said: “The huge petition is proof that people expect the Scottish government to lead the way and make the historic change to an opt-out system for organ donation.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish Humanist Society has today publicly voiced support for the change, saying the move will help ensure the wishes of the deceased are respected.

Gordon MacRae, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland Gordon MacRae said “We support the proposal for a soft-opt out system for organ donation.

“It is concerning to many of our members and other registered organ donors that their express wishes in relation to organ donation or whole body donation, can be overturned after their death.

“Greater weight should be given to clear advance wishes expressed prior to death whether that be in a will, through organ donation registration or any other formally agreed procedure.”