A petition calling for Scotland to be allowed to remain in the EU in the event of independence has been launched in Germany. 

Addressed to President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the petition to "Let Scotland stay!" on WeMove.Eu has already garnered nearly 16,000 signatures. 

The petition demands the EU changes its rules so that Scotland can remain as part of the EU should the country vote for independence in a prospective second referendum.  

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Translated from German, it reads: "The first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, calls for a new popular vote on the independence of Scotland. 

"The vote will take place in 2018, before Great Britain leaves the EU. London must agree with this desire of Scotland. The Scots will then decide whether they want to become an independent country. This choice will be of considerable importance not only for Scotland, but also for the EU.

"If Scotland decides on its independence, it should be welcome in the EU. We call on the European Commission to simplify the arrangements for Scotland so that they can remain a member without having to go through a lengthy admission procedure to the EU.

"In the Brexit referendum, 62 percent of the Scots have decided to remain in the EU. This clear majority is being forced against its declared will to leave the EU. For more than 40 years, Scotland has been a member of the EU. According to the current regulation it could not remain there, as soon as it is independent. Scotland would have to apply completely new for a membership. The process would take years.

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"The EU should already provide full support to the Scots to ensure the continuity of membership on equal terms. Those who are members of the EU should also be able to be part of the European community. Let Scotland stay in the EU!"