UPDATE: April Fools!

Flight passengers at all Scottish airports can be sure to start their holidays off in style, thanks to Tennent’s which has rolled out brand new 100ml can vending machines.

Announced today, the move means jet-setters can stock up and take the cans through security - granted they fit into a see-through bag.

Before today, when passing through airport security screening, droves of customers could be seen almost weeping at having to abandon their booze on Scottish soil because it didn’t meet the 100ml requirement to pass through.

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However, an ecstatic spokesperson for Tennent’s told the Evening Times: “We are pleased to announce our brand new Flight Size 100ml Tennent’s cans which are now available at all good Scottish airports.

“Ideally shaped and sized for your hand luggage, the quantity must fit inside one of those wee transparent bags, mind.

“Thank us later.”