FORMER Rangers owner Craig Whyte has purportedly used the microblogging site Twitter to address fans ahead of a High Court trial where he faces fraud charges.

The controversial figure describes himself as a "business turnaround specialist" on the site where he appears to be tweeting as @CraigWhyte22, although the feed currently lacks the blue 'tick' Twitter uses for verified accounts of public figures.

However the account appears genuine and an initial message on MOnday from the entrepreneur signalled his intention to use the platform to give his side of the story when he wrote: "Looking forward to being in Glasgow later this week. After years of inaccurate commentary and speculation the truth will come out!"

He also appears ready to take on football fans and interested commentators - nearly 5,000 of whom have already chosen to follow the account - correcting one who told him 'your a charlatan... you better prey the judge/jury aren't Rangers fans'.

Mr Whyte retweeted the comment adding: "it's you're", although he appeared happy to let the misspelling of 'pray' go unremarked.

A source quoted in a tabloid newspaper said Mr Whyte had set up the Twitter feed specifically to allow him to comment on his case, which is due to be called later this week at Glasgow High Court. "He wanted to have his own platform so that he could comment on certain aspects of the case and respond directly to anything being said he disagrees with," the source said.

“He is also keen to highlight what life is like in the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow while he is based there for the trial.”

Mr Whyte, from Motherwell, is accused of claiming a "majority and controlling stake" in Rangers "by fraud" and faces a second charge in relation to an £18m payment in connection with the takeover.