ACHOO! There is no sugar coating this guys and dolls this old Gumshoe had been feeling under the weather.

"You really should go to the doctor hon," begged her Ladyship as she spoon fed me her mother's chicken soup in a bid to cure my 'man flu'.

"It tastes like feet," I yelped. The moll replied, "How dare you? This recipe has been passed to my mother from my grandmother and from her grandmother..."

I interrupted, "Well it should have stayed with that grandmother. Real food will make feel better. We are going out."

"But Tec, you are going to make yourself feel worse," the moll for once looked worried about me.

Glasgow Times: Dinertec: Salt and Vinegar is the catch of career, even her Ladyship says it's the best chippie

"I'm fine honestly, this will blow over and I know what will help," I picked up my tone in a bid to convince her of my wellbeing.

I decided that I wanted nothing more than some good old comfort food and I had been hearing things about this new joint called Salt and Vinegar over in the city's Shawlands.

We jumped in the Buick and I let toots take the reign for a change, after all I have to milk this illness as much as possible.

As we approached the restaurant, I could already smell the seaside and I was feeling famished.

Her Ladyship of course couldn't handle the parking, so I took over and found us a spot right outside.

I called the venue ahead to book a table. The kind doll at the other end of the blower informed me that the restaurant did not have a licence. They had a 'bring your own bottle' policy. I instantly liked this joint, if only my body would let me drink.

We entered the restaurant which made me feel like I was in a boat. I guess with seafood being the main catch on the menu, decking and all things fisherman was only fitting for its interior design.

I decided straight away on the haddock supper while toots went for the lemon sole supper.

Both meals came with chips, a slice of lemon and tartar sauce. We also opted for two mushy peas, a portion of fritters and a curry sauce.

My fish was the best I have tasted in a long time. The chips were also cooked just right. I may have been ill but with food as good as this I felt like I had found my cure.

The moll 'battered' - sorry couldn't resist - right into her supper declaring it the best chippie she had in ages.

My only tip if you chose to venture into the seas of Salt and Vinegar is order one portion of mushy peas - it is more than enough for two.

With my throat still hoarse from the 'man flu' I then choose a simple dessert of ice-cream. The coldness of the trio of flavours including vanilla, chocolate and strawberry continued to cure me.

The moll opted for the Nutella cheesecake which I sampled and it too continued to delight my tastebuds.

She, however, struggled to finish her dessert - we were both stuffed and I have to admit I even felt better. Mind you it wouldn't take much to beat that chicken soup.

If fish and chips aren't your thing, the menu also has a few pasta and risotto dishes on offer too.

Finding a good chippie is a tough case to crack even for a seasoned detective like myself. But in the case of Salt and Vinegar, I feel like I have just got the catch of my career.

Salt and Vinegar, 1044 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 3EB

Telephone: 0141 632 7289.

Food: *****

Atmosphere: *****

Service: *****

The menu:

Haddock Supper £7.95

Lemon Sole Supper £9.95

Mushy Peas x2 £2.50

Curry sauce £1.50

Fritters £2.95

Nutella cheesecake £3.95

Ice-cream £3.95

Diet Irn-Bru x2 £4.50

Coke £2.25

Total: £39.50