TODDLERS at a Gorbals nursery will be able to tuck into their latest project.

They have planted wheat which they will care for until September when they will harvest it.

The youngsters from Adelphi Nursery will then grind it into flour and bake their own bread which they will get to eat.

A group of Gorbals residents known as High Rise Bakers, who bake their own produce and sell it to the community, will help the pupils get the best loaves possible.

Nursery head teacher Julia Carey said: “The Soil to Slice project is part of our wider focus on sustainability.

“Previously the pupils have raised hens, bartered eggs with the High Rise Bakers and recycled clothes.

“As a nursery, we encourage our children and families to engage in a lifestyle which promotes healthy living. There are lots of opportunities to do this in the Gorbals area.

“Through our involvement with the High Rise Bakers we became involved in the Soil to Slice campaign which is part of Scotland the Bread.

“The group provides us with training, seeds and on-going online advice and as the name suggest, the children will be involved every step of the way - from soil to slice.”

The children are the first nursery pupils to take part in Scotland the Bread’s Soil to Slice scheme.

Veronica Burke, co-founder of Scotland the Bread, said: “We welcome the children at Adelphi Nursery as our youngest ever participants.

“No-one is too young to get their hands in the soil and explore the edible plants they can grow right here in the city.

“We are looking forward to seeing how they get on and helping them to harvest and mill some grain in September then to make some bread from it.

“We hope they will all enjoy the experience and we know they will bring that important ingredient - joyfulness - to the experiment.”

Scotland the Bread, which began in 2012, brings together plant breeders, farmers, millers, bakers, nutritionists and local people to produce nutritious grain, milling it close to home and using it to make wholesome, slowly-fermented bread everyone can enjoy.