By Beverley Lyons 

VIEW frontman Kyle Falconer has been consulting a ouija board in a bid to make a deal with the devil and get out of the rock n roll lifestyle. 

New dad Kyle who became a father to Wylde Elizabeth Falconer on April 8 was appearing on tonight's STV2 The Late Show with Ewen Cameron to talk about his tenth anniversary tour with starts tonight at The Barrowlands.

But it could end up being his final tour by the sound of things. 

He said: "I'm definitely not that rock n roll man anymore.

I was playing the ouija board recently and was trying to make my money in other ways cause I can't keep doing this rock star stuff. I was trying to sell my soul to the devil and get money some place else because the touring is getting to us now, but I like it."

Speaking of his decade in the music business he added: "There are a lot of bands that after ten years took time out. We've never had any time out at all. A few years ago we thought 'Imagine it were ten years it would be mental and it's come around. It doesn't feel any different. It still feels and smells the same."

Kyle, who duetted with fellow frizzy haired music legend Leo Sayer on the show, added: "The baby changes things. It's just a weird feeling. It's mental. A lot of my friends have babies and it's just weird. It's surreal. They always say it will change you and something has happened in my head man. It's strange."