A MAN performed a sex act in the car park of a leading motor dealer’s showroom in Glasgow.

David Sharpe, 29, appeared in the dock after pleading guilty to the offence.

He admitted that he committed an act of public indecency and did expose himself at the Arnold Clark on Garscube Road in Maryhill.

The incident happened last month on April 27.

The Procurator Fiscal depute told the court that it was around 6.40pm when the incident occurred.

A resident who was looking out their window at a nearby home which overlooks the Arnold Clark garage’s car park spotted Sharpe.

He watched him climb on top of a vehicle. Two other witnesses at the home, then joined the resident at the window.

They observed Sharpe pull down his jogging bottoms, expose himself and perform a sex act.

The resident called the garage to inform them what was going on. When the sales staff walked up to Sharpe, they spotted he was lying on top of the vehicle carrying out the sex act.

They asked him what he was doing and he became startled.

He stopped what he was doing, came down from the top of the vehicle and began to walk away from the Arnold Clark garage.

Police arrived and caught up with Sharpe nearby.

He wasn’t cautioned and charged due to his level of intoxication.

Sharpe’s defence agent described the offence as a “rather bizarre situation”.

She explained he had been drinking two days prior to this and in addition had consumed an ecstasy tablet.

She said: “He tells me he had no idea he was being observed.

She added: “He was so drunk he tells me he thought he was somewhere private.”

The court also heard that Sharpe, of Boyd Street, Glasgow, was also dealing with addiction issues and had referred himself to services for help.

Sentencing was deferred for reports until July.