Scots mum set to head to US for life-saving treatment after kind-hearted folk raise £17K in ONE WEEK

By Aftab Ali

Scots mum set to head to US for life-saving treatment after kind-hearted folk raise £17K in ONE WEEK

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A Scots mum is set to head to the US for life-saving treatment after her best friend and kind-hearted folk managed to raise over £17,000 in just one week.

Linda Halliday, 33, from Livingston had been diagnosed with a very rare type of cancerous tumour deep within her spinal cord which has been pressing on nerves, affecting the bowel, bladder, and lower limbs.

Having already undergone extensive treatment, doctors in the UK have been fearful to go operate too deep without risking full paralysis.

Following lengthy discussions, specialists decided that Proton Beam Therapy is the best option for Linda as it would cause the least damage.

However, with the treatment not available in the UK, she has been told she needs to head to Jacksonville in Florida.

This treatment will hopefully control the tumour and possibly shrink what is left, offering the mum-of-two the best outcome.

That’s when her best friend Grace Ewing stepped in to help Linda who has two sons; six-year-old Jacob and Isaac aged three.

Grace said: “Linda and her family are likely to need to be in America for at least seven weeks, possibly longer.

“The NHS will fund Linda to go for this treatment, but she would love to be able to take her husband and young children with her too as it is a long time to be apart.

“Linda’s husband Andrew is a self-employed joiner, therefore, if he is not working he is not earning. Linda has already been off work for several months and her wages will decrease as time goes on.”

Launching a GoFundMe page to help the family, Grace continued: “The money raised will help to get Andrew and the boys out to America with Linda, assist with the family’s general living expenses, and aid Linda’s recovery.”

Insisting how any leftover money will be used to support other cancer charities, the story touched so many people, that a staggering £17,515 has, so far, been raised.

Amid the great news, Grace has since added: “Linda has received full approval from the UK NHS boards to send her to America for her much needed Proton Therapy.

“She will meet with her specialists on Wednesday but they hope to have it arranged in the next two to three weeks.”

An overwhelmed Linda added: “I have been feeling so strong and hopeful due to the amazing support I have had so far and now I feel so touched by everyone’s kindness.

Thank you to everyone who has donated - I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart. People who don’t even know me have taken the time to read or share the page and donate as well.

“I’m so lucky to have such an amazing support network of family and friends and I hope that this raises awareness for such rare cancers and cancer in young people.”

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