A HISTORIC ‘Greek’ Thomson building has been deemed dangerous and caused a partial street closure.

Now local groups are calling for someone to step in and help save the building in Strathbungo.

Glasgow City Council bosses say they are in talks with the owner to find a solution to the problem.

Niall Murphy, chairman of Pollokshields Heritage, said: “We are very concerned about the condition the building has gotten in to.

“It would be a shame for something like this to disappear.

“Ideally we would like to see the building shored up and for it to be taken over by somebody who will preserve it.”

The Strathbungo Society is also calling for the preservation of the building, which sits at 47 Nithsdale Street.

The building is one of several by the famous Glasgow architect, including nearby Moray Terrace and the Salisbury Quadrant tenement block.

Mr Murphy said the building previously had a second pavilion - meaning it was once much larger in size - but that this was demolished.

In its life, it has acted as an undertakers and a carriage hirers.

Historic photographs of the building show it to have Greek Thomson’s distinctive flared Egyptian style chimney pots.

This year is the bicentenary of Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s birth and, for the first time, the American-based Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) is holding its first international conference - in Glasgow.

Some 600 art historians, architectural historians, architects and others will gather in the city to tour its architecture from June 7 to 11.

Mr Murphy said: “This is the bicentenary of Greek Thomson and we are celebrating him.

“There are various events going on celebrating his birth as he is, with Mackintosh, Glasgow’s greatest architect.

“We have to be conscious of perceptions about how we are looking after his legacy.”

Jon Molyneux, the local Green Party councillor, is also hoping the building can be saved.

Mr Molyneux said: “This is a historic building and should be protected.

“This building is much valued by the community and is part of the Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson history of the area.

“The built heritage of Strathbungo is what makes the area unique and so it is important the building is preserved.”

The Evening Times was unable to contact the owner of the building but Glasgow City Council said the two parties are in talks.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “No demolition notice has been served on this privately-owned property.

“It is, however, in a dangerous condition, and as a result of this, our Building Standards & Public Safety team have had to partially close Nithsdale Street, an area in an adjacent lane and evacuate an adjoining shop.

“We are in discussions with the owner about the most appropriate action for the property, including the possibility of demolition due to its condition.

“Engineers representing the owner are further assessing the building on Monday May 15 and will liaise with our engineers thereafter.”