RESIDENTS are opposing plans for a seven storey apart-hotel in the heart of Glasgow's West End.

Planning permission is being sought for 77 serviced apartments and a ground floor cafe at 127 Fergus Drive, off Queen Margaret Drive.

CMM Architects is behind the proposals which will provide short stay accommodation for up to 90 days.

The architects believe it will "augment" tourism in the area and are targeting business, academic and short stay guests.

However, residents say the building is too high, the design and fabric is not in keeping with the tenements and have expressed concern that it does not include parking provision.

The architects say the apart-hotel will revitalise a disused site but have pledged to consult with residents to try to allay their concerns.

The exisiting building is used by local theatre group for rehearsals.

Around 120 people attended a public meeting on Thursday night to voice their concerns.

John Hancox, a local resident, said: "What's come out, is that there is a lot of concern from lots of people.

"Something of that size will affect the whole neighbourhood.

"There is also a bit of concern about what the end use is going to be. Our fear is that it will end up as a glorified HMO."

"There is going to be a lot of people in quite a small space. There is no parking."

Hillhead Councillor Martha Wardrop said: "The building is not lying empty, it is used by local arts groups.

"People are very concerned about the impact on parking. Queen Margaret Drive is also part of the air quality management area.

"From a health basis, we don't want more cars in this area."

Alison Gifford posted online: "Yes a development is needed in this eyesore of a corner, but not THIS eyesore - far too high, just plain ugly, unimaginative, not in keeping with anything round about, the last thing needed is more cafés.

"Parking is already a problem here, and I see no provision in this plan. Why is this design even being considered? It's appalling."

However, another local resident posted: "Excellent and exciting use of the site.

"As a local resident I can only see it contribute positively to the overall "North West End/South Maryhill" area.

"However, a redesign is needed."

Robert Carrick, Principal Director of CMM Architects, said: "We are aware of the concerns and we want to have further dialogue with planner to try to allay some of the concerns.

"A reduction in height would impact on the viability and this is something we can discuss with our client.

"We are working very hard to get this site developed. It's a difficult site to develop in a viable way.

"We believe it will augment tourist demand for the area."

Residents have until June 9 to raise their objections to Glasgow City Council.