A TV remake of Dirty Dancing starring Abigail Breslin has been slammed by viewers as “an absolute abomination”.

The retelling of the 1987 film, which starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, was met with a hostile reception from viewers, who said they needed a helpline after watching the new version.

The 2017 version – which also starred Nicole Scherzinger, Debra Messing, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and Colt Prattes – was made by US network ABC and aired on Channel 5 in the UK.

Viewer Unaa Hepburn wrote on Twitter: “The remake of dirty dancing hurts my feelings”

Donna O’Grady said the remake had ruined the original film for her and criticised Breslin’s performance, writing: “Well done to #channel5 wrecking my favourite film #dirtydancing especially the ending knew shouldn’t have watch it, new baby was awful”; while Emily McGregor said: “I seriously cannot believe how bad the remake of #DirtyDancing was. I laughed all the way through and not because it’s funny.”

The remake also sparked a string of memes, with many viewers unfavourably comparing the famous lift scene in the remake with that in the original film.

Oh dear.