With Toots blonde hair and blue eyes she's every bit the heroine in a swashbuckling movie.

A damsel in distress being rescued by her Errol Flynn look-a-likey boyfriend would be her starring role - while I would no doubt be dishing out slops in the galley below.

It was no surprise to me then that Toots declared she want to see Pirates of the Caribbean for our date night.

"I need my Johnny Depp fix, Tec let's have a romantic cinema night," she purred.

Sure with Toots drooling over Captain Jack all night it would be fun for me.

I revved up the Buick and headed for Glasgow entertainment Mecca of Springfield Quay.

With tickets bought, premier seats for her ladyship, we had time to kill. My tummy was rumbling so it was time for scran.

Just days after opening The Counter, Glasgow's latest addition to the burger scene, was talk of the town.

We decided to give it a go.

The host informed us there would be a 25 minute wait, for a burger I couldn't believe it, but we could have a seat at the bar and look through the the menus.

They're known for their create your own burger and I was presented with what looked like yet another ballot paper, please no more this year!

However choosing my burger toppings was a little easier than choosing the next prime minister.

It was a good job we had a wait as Toots was literally making a meal of this.

What to tick and what not to tick was pretty tricky for her.

I was easy burger, bun, no cheese, no sauce, lettuce tomato and fries. And just to be daring I added turkey bacon as well.

Toots was creating a masterpiece.

Adding sauces and cheese and guacamole extras along with onion strings.

It seemed to be a little disorganised seating people, but after half an hour we were shown to our table.

We handed our ready prepared orders to our server as we were keeping an eye on the time for the cinema.

Our server came back and said there was no guacamole, but could give an avocado - go figure.

Hopefully the scran wouldn't be too long, but I did see that they pride themselves on making everything to order.

I could see a couple of dishes which looked like ours, but no one seemed to be picking them up from the pass.

Now I like my food piping hot so it was beginning to grate on me.

Eventually our orders arrived. Toots got stuck right in desperate not to miss her date with Mr Depp.

But she was puzzled by the great big lump of not quite ripe avocado dumped on top of the burger.

I cut into my burger only to find it wasn't cooked through enough for me.

I sent it back and asked for it to be cooked longer.

To be fair the service and concern was spot on and they couldn't have done enough.

It's just a shame they didn't get it right first time.

Toots ploughed on regardless pouring her thousand island dressing over her cheese burger with salad, pickles and onion strings which were a bit limp.

After all the fuss, it was a pretty tasty burger, but was it worth spending and an hour and a half in the joint and spending more than £30 - I'm doubtful.

The Counter may soon get over its teething problems but with such fierce competition in Glasgow in the burger bar scene, they've got to keep their game up.

However giving the location I doubt they will be short of visitors.

Atmosphere 3

Service 3

Food 2

The Counter

Springfield Quay


Tel 0141 418 0873


Burger with salad and avocado £10.50

Burger with salad and turkey bacon £10.50

French fries £3.25

Onion strings £3.25


Peroni x 2 £3.70

Diet Coke £2.50

Total £37.40