RANGERS fans have welcomed news that Mike Ashley has sold his shares in the club after a new deal was struck earlier this week.

The business tycoon’s 8.92 per cent share has been sold to supporter group Club 1872 and Julian Wolhardt, the CEO of Dehong Capital Partners.

Gers supporters had been boycotting Ashley’s company Sports Direct for a number of years following a dispute which saw the club miss out on profits from the sale of merchandise.

Earlier this week Ibrox chairman Dave King announced that a new deal had been stuck ahead of the next season campaign which meant the club would now benefit from the sale of strips again.

Speaking outside Ibrox, Grahame Stewart, aged 57 from Clydebank, said: “For somebody who is meant to be such a smart man, I’m actually very surprised at Ashley to tell you the truth.

“But I’m glad he’s out, I’m glad to be back at Rangers and back at my football club.”

Greig Scott, 32 from Renfrew, said: “Good riddance to Mike Ashley. It’s great because we’ve just had so much uncertainty hanging over the club for so long and it seems as if we’re finally getting to the end of it.

“So hopefully the stuff off the park is sorted out and then we can get the stuff on the park sorted out and go in the right direction.

“It would be good if we get more on the back pages as opposed to being on the front pages all the time, we’re getting there slowly but surely.”

Jonny Malseed, a 35 year old IT consultant, lives across the road from the Ibrox stadium yet said he had not set foot in the megastore for at least five years.

He said: “I’m delighted that Mike Ashley is gone. He’s not a stupid man and I think he got out at the right time for himself because his profile is plummeting, his name is mud around football circles especially here at Rangers.”

“I’m delighted that the shares have gone to Club 1872 I think they’re a fantastic club and, for Rangers fans who have been quite fragmented over the years, to be pulling together now is fantastic as well. So onwards and upwards.”

Leeann Gilmore, 40, and her 12 year-old son Barry Gilmore said: “We’re delighted. It means the money is getting brought into the club for everything that we buy so we’re very happy.

“It’s brilliant to see that the shop’s no longer empty.”

Ross Brian, 32 from Govan said: “It’s exciting times ahead for the club now that the boycott is over and they’ve finally got rid of Mike Ashley.

"Hopefully now all the supporters will come together and buy the strips and enjoy Club 1872.”

Lawrie Theman, 65 from Forres, said: “I’m delighted I’ve just bought my grandson his first strip, he’s four.

“I’m glad to see the back of Ashley, we can maybe move forward now.”

Joseph Gallacher, aged 41 from Linnwood, said: “I’m ecstatic. It can only get better now, onwards and upwards, with more money for the club itself.”

Jane Bowman, 46, and her eight year-old son Jamie Bowman said: “It will definitely change the atmosphere at games. We’re delighted.

“We went in to try and get the new Rangers strip today but it was sold out, everybody wants it now because all the money is going to the club.”