GLASGOW Labour have called for the Scottish Parliament to introduce a nation-wide ban on fracking.

With two sites earmarked in Robroyston and Milton the group’s leader, Frank McAveety, wants to see any plans for the highly controversial fuel extraction method scrapped.

He said: “We want to the put the interests of the people and businesses of Glasgow first and the best way to do that is to completely rule it out.

“The issues of fracking have been a genuine cause of concern and worry.

“The Scottish Government have been sitting on this issue for three or four years now and we feel its time minds were put at ease.”

The group’s call to ban fracking will be made at next full council meeting this week.

The moratorium on the issue that was made by Scottish Government in 2015 has been noted in the motion but Mr McAveety believes this service has only prolonged uncertainty across the city.

It also says that the group is concerned about the potential negative impacts of fracking revolving around how it could effect the city’s communities, health and environment.

“Glasgow is a very densely built city - it could not sustain the negative impact fracking would bring.

“The old coal mines under the city would also add serious complications to any project to extract gas.

“As I’ve said the only way Glasgow can be safe from the impacts of fracking is to completely rule it out.”

Martin McElroy, a Labour councillor for Robrosyton and Springburn, also wants to see an end to any frasking prospects.

He said: “Many people I have spoken to are horrified at the thought of having fracking under their homes.

“The Edinburgh Government have to listen to local people and make sure that there is an outright ban on fracking in Scotland.

“I will continue to campaign to make sure that Glasgow remains a frack free zone.”

Recently a consultation over fracking was held by the Scottish Government which invited the public to have their say on the issue. Glasgow Labour submitted their response to it before the deadline on May 31.

The Scottish Government is to make its decision on fracking this year.