AN EAST End man has shifted a massive ten stone in just a year after schoolkids made a joke about his weight.

Inspirational Justin Dott stepped away from fad diets, and shocked his family and friends by dropping from 24 stone to 14 stone - and he did it by researching what he was putting in his body.

At 6 ft 1 inch, Justin, who works in security, has even managed to build muscle through hitting the gym up to four times a week.

Now he hopes to inspire others into healthy eating so they too can reach their goal weight, and he even plans a future in motivational speaking.

Glasgow Times:

Justin, 32, said: “Last May, I had an epiphany which spurred me on to losing the weight. I was in the barbers getting a shave and a haircut when schoolkids went past and made a joke about my weight.

“I heard them say, ‘Oh look at him in the chair, he is about to break that’

“I remember I got so angry because they were talking about my size.”

He added: “That moment made me realise I had to make a change, it was like a light switch coming on.

“I phoned up my local gym at Tollcross the next day, and that night I had an induction.

“It was from May, last year to this May that I completely changed and lost 10 stone.”

Glasgow Times:

For that change to happen Justin, from Sandyhills, had to overhaul his diet which was full of sugar thanks to his addiction to cans of Irn-Bru.

Breakfast would consist of two rolls and square sausage, dozens of packets of crisps and cans of full fat Irn-Bru.

For Justin, Lunch was often high calorie pasta dishes bought from the supermarket, washed down with more fizzy juice.

He would finish off his day with a take-away from the Chinese.

He said: “I did some research and I looked into different diets. I am always hearing of people going on diets and coming off, so I needed something I could stay on.

“I now follow a low carb and high fat plan. I found that as soon as I dropped the sugar and the hard carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes, the weight just started dropping off me.”

They journey to a healthier version of himself was not an easy one for Justin as he had to get over the hurdle of going to the gym.

He said: "The gym was daunting at first. As it is my local, a lot of boys I grew up with go there so I was self conscious.

"But my mindset had changed so I focused on myself rather than what other people thought."

With a new mindset, he also focused on his diet and that even includes a fry-up for breakfast.

Justin, whose partner Natalie Moran helps him prepare his meals, said: "When you hear what I eat, you will be shocked because my diet is high fat but I am losing weight.

"I wake up and still cook a couple of square sausages and fried eggs which is cooked in butter. Although I have looked into the best butcher to buy from.

"I have a meal that is already prepared. So I still have my chicken curry but replace the rice with green beans.

"Throughout the day I snack on nuts. I have replaced Irn-Bru with one or two cans of the diet version and drink more milk."

The plan is one which works for Justin who admits it feels like a dream to get to this point.

He said: "I had dreams of being this weight. I never thought I would do it never mind doing it in just a year.

"The get-up and go, and enthusiasm I have now is unbelievable."

Justin credits preparing his meals for the week ahead as one of the things which has helped keep him on track.

He said: "My partner helped me make a lot of the meals like spaghetti bolognese or chilli in advanced. It is the one thing that has kept me on track."

Glasgow Times:

Now Justin is celebrating his new body and he jokes that excess skin is part of the deal.

He said: "I have put muscle on now but there is some excess skin. I don't know what I will do about that in the future but for now I call it the wounds from my past.

"I am just so glad I am a lot healthier now. My family and friends are in absolute shock.

"A friend I had not seen for a while walked straight by me as he didn't recognise me, I find that is happening a lot."

He added: "People keep saying they need to get on a diet. If you say that it implies you plan to come off it.

"People need to change their diet for life. If you are on a diet which has made you overweight, go on a fad diet and come off it - you will end up back to where you were."

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