In the latest in our series, style doctor Numba Pinkerton tackles a common fashion dilemma: how to wear black.

Q: I have lots of black in my wardrobe and I feel stuck in a style rut. How can I wear black without looking bland?

A: Black is considered as a fail safe option for many of us - it’s a reliable, effortless and grown-up. Many believe that black is slimming and works with every other colour, but the truth is, whilst black is certainly an easy option and can look sophisticated, wearing it head to toe is too safe and can end up looking boring. Indeed, colour psychology tells us that too much black over a long period of time can become depressing. If you want to shake things up, try these different ways to wear your black pieces.

Monochrome with a splash of colour

The easiest way to add interest is to wear a monochrome piece and pair with a splash of colour in the form of a top, bag or shoes. Cool colours such as royal blue, leaf green, blue-red, fuchsia pink and lemon yellow all look fabulous with black.

Introduce patterns

Are you afraid of patterns? Simply find a stylish patterned top that contains black, and wear the top with a black skirt or trousers. Then pick out your favourite colour from the top and introduce this shade as a bag or shoes.

Wear with denim

Wearing black with blue denim is an easy way to add contrast and depth. You can introduce denim as skinny jeans, a classic denim jacket or an A-line denim skirt paired with silver jewellery to complete your look.

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