In the words of Beyoncé, who run the world? Well, this week, it's most definitely the girls for a whole host of reasons, well except if you work at the BBC but we’ll brush over that for now and instead smile sweetly like those women did in that Father Ted episode with the lovely girls competition.

Yes it's all about girl power this week what with Jodie Whittaker being announced as the first ever female Dr Who, although what a who ha that caused. It's hilarious that so many people were having what can only be described as a mental breakdown over a fictional time traveller who transports themselves all over the galaxy in a tiny tardis fighting upside down dust bins called Daleks but it's the doctor's gender that's the unbelievable part of it all but hey, I suppose it takes all sorts.

I mean why can't The Doctor be a women? Some of the most powerful positions in the world are held by women now, just look at our own Scottish Parliament. All of the major parties have women at the helm although let's not forget the Lib Dems and their leader Willie Rennie whose antics at First Minister's questions have fast become my secret guilty pleasure.

Honestly, you have to watch it when Holyrood reconvenes after the summer. He asks a question and then he usually gets telt and skelpt aff the First Minister and his response? He literally cracks himself up laughing. Brilliant. We also of course have a female Prime Minister although the fact that she thinks boy and girl jobs are actually a thing maybe she's not the best example.

This week also saw the women's Euro Championships kick off in Holland and it's been given mainstream TV coverage too. I love that women's football has been given this platform as it's such a great sport with some seriously talented players.

On Wednesday night Scotland took on their old rivals England and in keeping with the men's football Scotland were suitably grubbed 6-0 on the night but hey, we’re used to defeat so it felt almost normal.

There is however a long way to go during these group stages and Scotland face Portugal in Rotterdam in their next match on Sunday and I'm hoping the whole country will get behind the team.

The biggest triumph for women kind this week however was the fact that I actually managed to pop the hood of my car and check the oil levels with my little dip stick. I also checked my tyre pressure and, wait for it, filled up my own window wiper thingy with water, totally unsupervised.

I felt so empowered that I went straight up to the flat and attempted to fix the leaky tap in the bathroom but sadly that was a step too far and I almost flooded my entire building. It was so bad I had to lie under the sink clutching onto a pipe for dear life with my chubby little fingers over a value until my fiancé came home from work to rescue me and fix the mess I'd made. Maybe I'll just take this female world domination thing one step at a time.

Well I did it, I survived my hen do in Kilkenny at the weekend and I'm back to tell the tale dear readers. It had been in the planning for months, 16 hens all in a whatsapp chat which, I had been banned from, plotting together to come up with the ultimate 24hour party in Ireland where the single aim was for me to wake up with a baby in my wardrobe and a tiger in my bathroom.

It's a funny old ritual a hen do. It's celebrated all over the world, there was a even a Hollywood movie made all about it. In America it's called a Bachelorette Party and the aim is to give a bride to be her last big send off before she becomes a married women.

I've been on loads of hen dos over the years and they've varied from the sublime to the ridiculous but after my own weekend away I'm going to stick to the strict code of silence and say what goes on hen do tour, stays on hen do tour.

What I will say though is a huge thank you to all of my hens for one of the most wonderful weekend of my life. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm getting married but it feels so much more real now and I'm on official countdown until I'm walking down that aisle.