IT was a tough week in the office for this ole gumshoe. There was a lot of heat on me thanks to a case I was working on and the blower was going non-stop.

“No comment,” I replied to the fifth hack calling, desperate for a scoop. I was pretty fed up and needed some good ole comfort food to make a baloney day better.

“Step out the kitchen dollface, I am taking you out on the town,” I beamed at toots over the blower.

“But it is Tuesday Tec,” she protested.

“Get your gladrags on and meet me in town, and I am not taking no for answer,” I demanded.

“Meet you? Meet you? You will get in that Buick that you spend all your dough on and pick me up, I don’t do public transport,” she rebelled.

I slammed shut my case file and left the office. I was just hungry and was willing to go with the diva demands to get my gut full, even if they were quite frankly ridiculous.

On the drive back to the city, I told her ladyship that we were going to this new joint called Buck's Bar.

“So you are telling me that you have dragged me out on a Tuesday night to go to some dive for food,” she moaned.

“Looks are deceiving my dear, as are names,”I challenged her.

Glasgow Times:

I then told dollface about Buck's Bar on West Regent Street explaining how it used to be Jacker de Viande and opened a few months back.

“They specialise in ‘the best buttermilk fried chicken you’ve ever tasted,”I said with a sense of authority.

A defeated toots, however, just nodded. I think she was just happy to get out the house.

We arrived and already this place was my kind of joint. Anti-establishment graffiti adorned the walls including a rather cheeky nod to the KFC Colonel Sanders, who had devil horns.

Inside, the place was buzzing with a rock’n’roll playlist to please any ear from Oasis to The Jam.

Our waitress Abbie was over straight away asking if we were thirsty. I liked her style and we quickly ordered some soft drinks.

The menu is all chicken, with a few veggie options. But looking at the food on the other tables, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I opted for a Peri Peri burger which was a special on the menu. It came with hand cut chips and slaw. I ordered a side portion of onion rings.

Dollface choose the country boy burger which was filled with a BBQ sauce. It too came with hand cut chips, and she ordered some Korean Fried chicken.

The burgers were to die for. My only complaint is the filling was too big for the brioche bun, which means eating at Buck's is a messy affair.

The chips were top notch too, so tasty on their own you don’t need to ruin them with condiments.

Onion rings are a risky business in the restaurant world, so many chefs fail and make them soggy. But the guys at Buck's managed to keep them crispy and fresh.

Toots didn’t even look up from her plate as she devoured everything in front of her, and then she pipped up to ask Abbie for a Nutella milkshake.

Being the great detective that I am, I had a few questions for Abbie myself. She put up with my thirst for knowledge regarding the menu and delivered each answer with a smile. We had gluten free Alabama fudge cake for dessert, and all I can say is I think it needed the gluten.

Buck's is the sort of place Glasgow needs. It is a step up from Nandos and KFC, and superior enough to compete with all the burger joints. This is the city’s hidden secret, don’t be a chicken, give it a try.

Buck's Bar, 111 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2RU

Food: *****

Atmosphere: *****

Service: *****

The menu:

Peri Peri burger £6.50

Country Boy burger £9.95

Onion rings £2.50

Korean Fried Chicken £3.50

Diet coke x 2 £6 (£3 each)

Ginger beer £3

Nutella milkshake £4

Alabama fudge cake £6 (£3 each)

Total: £41.45