TWO mums are considering removing their children from a school in a fight over protecting their supported education and keeping it separate from mainstream classes.

They claim their sons are being forced towards mainstream education they cannot cope with.

The Language Unit at St Charles’ Primary school in North Kelvinside is being moved within the school to a new location but the parents say it is side by side with the mainstream classes.

The council said most parents are satisfied with the move.

Joanne Penders’ son John is a pupil at the unit after assessments were carried out.

She said after nine months in mainstream education, with one day a week in a specialist unit, it was decided it wasn’t working for him and he went into the language unit at St Charles’.

She said the language unit has now been moved downstairs to a new location beside he mainstream classes.

Ms Penders said her son, John, has been assessed and he is not suited to mainstream education.

She said John won’t cope and has not been prepared for the change and there are concerns about safety.

She said: “They have chosen to collate classes together. It has been agreed my son can’t be in a mainstream setting.

“Why do we individually basses them and then put them into mainstream.”

She said she is not prepared to allow him to go into that setting when school returns later this month.

Donna Harvey has three children and her youngest, Connor has been at the St Charles’ Unit for a year.

She said: “He was doing one a day a week in mainstream and four days in the unit. The Head Teacher told me he would be going three days a week in the mainstream.”

Ms Harvey said it will cause him anxiety.

She said: “We have fought to get specialist education our children need and now it is being taken away from them.

“There is no support in mainstream, teachers are not supported.

“They are planning to merge all units into mainstream. Connor won’t cope he needs to be supported.

“They had their own part of the school before. I am seriously considering home schooling him.”

She said the situation is causing her sleepless nights and said parents have been in tears.

The council said staff would ensure parents and pupils were supported over the move.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills & Early Years said: “The decision to relocate the specialist language unit in the school has been taken to better meet the individual needs of the children who attend.

“The Head Teacher has spoken to all parents individually about the proposals and the majority are supportive of the proposals.

“We know that any change for children with additional support needs can be a worry so this is why the staff at St Charles’ Primary will use their expertise to make sure the children and their parents are supported through any transition period.”