A SCOTTISH charity which aims to feed deaf African school children has been given a boost thanks to NHS Lanarkshire.

Project Gambia: People Feeding People works with St John’s school in Africa to feed just over 250 deaf children.

The group recently met with with Mr Arun Iyer, Scotland’s pioneering surgeon of minimally invasive endoscopic ear surgery and a leading member of an international working group for the procedure to discuss their work.

As a result of the meeting, Project Gambia received three kilos of battery operated hearing aids which will be used to support the school children and adults in Gambia and the neighbouring countries of Senegal, Liberia and Guinea Bissau.

Mr Iyer, a Glasgow University lecturer, has been taking a keen interest in the work of Project Gambia and donating used hearing aids from NHS Lanarkshire with support from the Audiology department for a number of years.

The huge donation of battery operated hearing aids was the result of a concerted effort by various audiologists, nurses and doctors in NHS Lanarkshire who have been involved in putting together this wonderful donation for Project Gambia: People Feeding People.

Frank Devine of Project Gambia said: “This huge donation of hearing aids – St John’s School for the Deaf Hearing Clinic is now being attended not only by the children but also by adults from Gambia and three surrounding countries – will enhance our support for St John’s School for the Deaf and the support of professionals working in audiology has energised the volunteer aid workers at Project Gambia.

“We are totally focused and committed to supporting the school and this latest partnership has the potential to be our most promising yet.

“We are all delighted that Mr Iyer and his fellow surgeons, audiology specialists, doctors and nurses are taking such a keen interest in Project Gambia’s work with the children in West Africa”.

Volunteers for the charity have previously established a feeding programme for the Gambian school, ensuring that all the children receive a hot and nutritious meal every day as well as supplying them with two new school uniforms and school bags full of resources, sanitary products, footwear and dental hygiene lessons.

Many of those working with Project Gambia: People Feeding People work full time.