A GLASGOW student who joined the Islamic State has been banned from re-entering the country.

Aqsa Mahmood was a student at Glasgow Caledonian University when she travelled to Syria after being radicalised online.

The 23-year-old has been stripped of her British passport and placed on a UN watch list, leaving her unable to return home.

Leading human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, who is representing the family, has claimed that the move will enable people to participate in terrorism further.

He said: “We’re now in the position where the British government is saying, ‘We are stripping people of their citizenship so they can’t come back to the UK.

“So they are saying, ‘Just leave it as a problem for the Iraqi or Syrian people’.

“The best way to tackle it is to get information from people affected rather than just leaving them to participate in terrorism.”

Mahmood is among 150 terror suspects to have been stripped of their passports.

It is thought that she has set up home along with dozens of other British extremists in the Syrian city of Manbij.