A city centre restaurant has announced it will be abandoning a “mammoth burger challenge” after two years - because it’s proving to be too difficult for Glaswegians to get through.

Steak, Cattle & Roll in Sauchiehall Street first unveiled the challenge back in October 2015 which saw only the brave tackle a 10-inch brioche bun filled with a 42oz burger patty, 12oz sirloin steak, 16 rashers of smoked bacon, 10 slices of cheddar cheese, three tomatoes, salad mix, relish, and mayo, all for £25.

Upon completion, the fit-to-burst customer was promised a free dessert, £25 gift voucher, T-shirt, and a coveted place in a hall of fame.

However, this week, the team said: “We have decided to retire our Mammoth Burger Challenge on August 30, 2017.

“It has proved itself to be far too difficult, with only two people managing to complete it in almost two years; 300 have tried and failed.”

Customer Steven Yuill became the first person to ever complete challenge back in November 2015, and another, Brian, took just 40 minutes to demolish the lot exactly three months ago.

If you think you have what it takes to take on the massive challenge hundreds of others have failed to complete then there’s still time.

Contact the branch and book yourself in before it’s gone.

Search ‘Steak, Cattle & Roll’ on Facebook to read all the rules involved.