ONE student has defied the odds to become one of Glasgow’s top achievers while attending not one but three city schools. Valentina Kanife moved to Glasgow from her home country of Italy in September 2015. When the 16-year-old joined the S4 class in St Margaret Mary’s in Castlemilk, she could not speak any English. Soon after starting the school, it became apparent that Valentina had a skill for languages and began working towards gaining her National 4’s. Staff at St Margaret Mary’s staff organised for Valentina to attend Holyrood Secondary for Higher Italian and Kings Park Secondary for Higher ESOL, while being taught Higher Spanish and National 5 maths at her own school. With the help of a bus pass, the teenager travelled between the three schools, sometimes on the same day. After a year of handwork, Valentia managed to gain all three Highers and a National 5 Maths qualifications, all within two years of being in Glasgow. She said: “I’m really pleased with my results. Going to three different schools was really difficult but the teachers were all really helpful and my friends kept me up-to-date in my other subjects. “Next year I’ll be going to Holyrood Secondary School to study Advanced Higher Spanish and I’m looking at going to university after that.” St Margaret Mary’s head teacher Elaine Seery, said: “Valentina never once complained or questioned having to attend three different schools even though it was difficult. “She is naturally a very bright and happy character and this helped her to establish friends in all the schools. “I will sorely miss her smile and her presence. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all that she has achieved. “I am also very appreciative to my teaching colleagues in Holyrood Secondary and Kings Park Secondary who allowed this opportunity to happen. “Well done to all teachers in the schools that taught Valentina.”