WHY are we not pursuing the deadbeat Dads and Mums of this country for their failure to contribute to their children’s upkeep?

In America, those who shirk their responsibilities to their children can lose their driving licenses, passports, or can be imprisoned.

There must be millions of pounds owed to the custodial parents in this country and no one is doing anything about it.

I’m sure many single Dads and Mums would be less dependant on the benefit system to feed, house, and clothe the children if the deadbeat Dads and Mums coughed up for the children’s upkeep.

Rosemary Keery, Gordon Drive, Glasgow

Silence the gym

READING about the Partick residents angry about the noise coming from the gym (Evening Times August 10), I fully sympathise with the residents.

It’s clear cut and covered by powerful legislation - Sec 54 ,sub sec C of the Civic Govt Scot Act 1982 - any person who operates radio,TV or other sound producing device giving reasonable cause for annoyance.

This is not a civil matter. The residents should call the police who have more than adequate powers to deal with this.

No one should need to put up with it.

When did doing physical jerks require mega decibel music?

Johnny Mack, posted online

Call council team

GLASGOW City Council has a very effective Out of Hours Noise Team who operate overnight. Surely they can establish the fact or fiction here.

A person who causes annoyance to another can be dealt with.

There are internationally recognised standards for acceptable noise levels.

I once managed a business where residents complained about noise from our premises and the council failed to take an objective viewpoint and just sided with the residents.

Final result was months of disruption to our business and a £70,000 legal bill for the council when the Sheriff found there was no noise issue.

Andrew Montgomery, posted online

Not much faith

I DON’T think the council or the community safety team are up to much at all and tend to end up doing nothing of any good for either party.

I do feel for the residents having lived in a premises that suffered massively from commercial noise - the council did nothing for us despite agreeing it was out of order.

I can’t even get them to deal with the ridiculous noise from an HMO property that is supposed to be heavily governed.

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