ONCE again I am horrified to hear of more money being thrown at Glasgow’s waterfront. (Evening Times August 14)

Repairs to the quayside I can live with as this is a necessity but the idea that millions are going to be again wasted on the north side of the river on empty expensive tree lined walkways inhabited by joggers and cyclists fills me with dismay.

Joggers and cyclists have every right to enjoy this amenity but what about everyone else.

Has anyone actually ever seen a tourist here far less a local?!

This whole area is a no go area at dusk and thereafter.

I am continually hearing about the Science centre, the Riverside Museum, the SSEC, and the amount of money being spent in this locality. For what? A riverside walk where you cannot even buy an ice cream.

Perhaps a start could be made by refusing all new licensing for new restaurants, pubs, etc, unless they agree to locating to the waterfront. Create parking facilities. Re-assess transport links. Consult with the population. Perhaps then will we be able to drag this area into the bustling leisure driven facility it should be.

Name and address supplied

Cash cows 'dry'

IN relation to the bus lane changes (Evening Times August 14), the council have sucked the milk out of these cash cows till they are now almost dry.

Motorists I think have become savvy to them so it probably will cost less to maintain them by cutting back on the hours they are on.

The statement by the obligatory anonymous council spokesperson is so ludicrous and clearly a load of hot air.

Johnny Mack, posted online

Common sense

CONGRATULATIONS to the new city council on what is a simple common sense change to bus lanes that the council has refused to make for years.

I hope there are very many similar changes to follow.

For too long council officers have seen themselves as unaccountable to Glaswegians and forget they should be there to serve our great city.

Andrew Montgomery, posted online

No justification

IF they want to run 24 hour bus lanes, they should be forced to run 24 hour buses in them.

I’m no lawyer, but surely there is no justification for fines when there are no buses running.

There can be no hold ups or damage caused if there are no buses.

Iain McKenzie, posted online