I HAVE been in contact with my local politicians about the manipulation of the energy market.

Apparently nobody seems to think that anything is wrong with people living next door to each other paying different prices for energy.

Surely the cost of supplying energy to the same street is the same for all the houses in that street?

Are all our MPs, MSPs, and MEPs being subverted by the energy companies, when not one of them will stand up and say this is wrong?

Energy is an essential service for everybody and should be strictly controlled by government.

William Allan, East Kilbride

Give free heroin

READING about the rise in drug deaths (Evening Times August 16), give them free heroin in a controlled environment.

That would save lives and hit the gangsters in the pocket too.

There would be fewer junkies in A&E, fewer OAPs would get mugged, and fewer funerals and post mortems that the taxpayer has to shell out for.

Name and address withheld

Control markets

READING about the businesses fearing for their future after plans for a farmers market (Evening Times August 15), I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets the go ahead.

Glasgow City Council are already doing what they can to kill off local businesses with their stupidly high rates.

Looks like they are absolutely desperate for the West End to end up like Paisley or Hamilton town centre - absolutely nothing of worth left in it. Pound stores and empty shops.

I actually like the markets that come around but they need to be very limited and controlled.

Name and address withheld

Different trade

UNITS in Byers Road change hands all the time because of high rents and rates.

The bottom end of the road has struggled for years, and is better off now than a few years ago when virtually everything was up for lease.

It will finally come into its own when the Western site is developed, and seething with students and visitors - smart money would invest in units there now.

But it is true that Byres Road has become corporate, bland and dull, with one or two honourable exceptions.

I don’t buy the argument that a farmers market in the Botanics would sabotage trade further down the road - it is a wildly different customer offer from anything you can buy in Ashton Lane.

Roy Beers, posted online