WARNING - Article contains imagery some readers may find disturbing

A Facebook user from Dundee has caused outrage after attempting to sell a rug she claims to have had made out of her dead dog - because her new dog “keeps trying to hump it.”

The young woman posted an advert on the social media site’s Marketplace section with an image of the bizarre and disturbing item, asking for £100.

The complete post - entitled “dog rug (snoopy)” - read: “had our dog turned into a rug when he died. treasured family pet. has to be sold as new dog keeps trying to hump it. lookin for 100 pound ono. very cosy and unusual piece x.”

The unusual advert came to light after a Twitter user from Dundee took a screengrab and posted it from her page.

She said: “Surely no. I’m lost for words. I’m actually in disbelief.”

One user said: “I’m highly disturbed right now. Imagine going to someone’s house and seeing that in the middle of the living room.”

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Another user replied: “I’m done with the world today. I’d be straight out the door and calling all kinds of authorities.”

Other comments included “awful,” “I’ve no words,” and “I feel sick.”

In just two days, the post has gathered almost 20,000 likes, almost 8,000 retweets, and hundreds more reactions in comments as users hit out at the sick ad.

The post appears to have been deleted from Facebook Marketplace.