HUNDREDS of Scots have been left stranded in Romania after their plane home suffered a malfunction – with no alternative flights available for a week.

Dozens of Glasgow-bound passengers have been forced to remain in Romania as they await the next available Wizz Air flight available from Bucharest next Monday.

It is understood other passengers have managed to fly home on rival airlines.

One of those affected, diabetic company director Bob Jamieson, 70, is now staying in a hotel near the airport and told how he had to seek emergency medication after running out of insulin.

“The whole situation was crazy,” he said. “I was expecting at one point to see Borat appearing as captain.”

The abrupt cancellation in Romania meant that the scheduled Glasgow to Bucharest flight on Monday night was also scrapped.

Mr Jamieson, who had been visiting Romania for a wedding, said: “We expected it at 10pm but no plane arrived,” said Mr Jamieson, from Peebles, in the Borders.

“By 11pm people started getting very angry. There were 200 people and it was just pandemonium. We were asked to check out of the airport as if just arriving and then check back in again, including travelling through security.

“It meant we had to take our bags back to the other end of the airport, through arrivals, through baggage check, everything as if we were booking for a new flight.

“By now it was 1am and children were crying. It was just crazy.

“And then a notice came up on the screen saying cancelled. We were wondering what on earth was going on. We were then diverted back to the Wizz Air desk, 200 people in a queue and given a boarding pass for the next flight to Glasgow.  Which was next Monday – a week away.”

Passengers were told that they could stay at a hotel, but Mr Jamieson said there was a dispute over who would pay for the accommodation before the airline eventually agreed to cover costs.

“I think there is maybe 30 or 40 people at the hotel,” he said. “Others will book a new flight to London and get a connection at their own cost.”

He said he was relieved to get medication for his diabetes as he did not have enough insulin to last him another week.

“The problem was that when I came to the wedding last week, all the medication I have lasted me until yesterday. I am a diabetic and I take insulin injections and my insulin ran out last night.

“I phoned my doctor and the hotel organised a pharmacy in Bucharest to deliver medication for me.

“It was an emergency and I have been cold and shivering. I was told if I didn’t get it in the next two hours I would go into a coma and be in hospital.”

A spokesman for the airline Wizz Air said: “The aircraft operating Wizz Air flights W6 3017 Bucharest – Glasgow and W6 3018 Glasgow – Bucharest on the August 28 needed to undergo unscheduled technical maintenance.

“Initially only a delay was predicted by the engineers but the works took longer than expected and unfortunately Wizz had to cancel the flights. Passengers were offered free rebooking or a full refund. Wizz Air sincerely apologises to all affected customers for any inconvenience caused. The safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.”