Sightings of the world’s favourite legendary monster are heading for a ten-year high after being spotted six times in the past five months alone.

The findings come from The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register which says Nessie is usually spotted six times over the course of a full year.

The most sightings recorded in the last ten years are seven in 2016.

This year, though, the very first sighting came on April 28 when a Ms Cairney from Dunbartonshire was at the loch with three of friends when they saw a 20-meter long series of waves move “at about 5mph” along the surface 500m out.

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“It came out of nowhere and then disappeared the same way - they have confirmed there was no boat traffic in the area,” says the report.

With one sighting reported in May, and three in June, the most recent was just two weeks ago on August 22 when Mr Stuparich and three friends were out walking from the Dores Inn to Tor Point.

The report adds: “As they came to the shore on the point, all four saw something huge in the water. They said it was an unusual shape - it arched out of the water then turned and went down underwater.”

That sighting lasted about 10 seconds.

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The most sightings in the 21st century, so far, were recorded in 2000 when there were 11 sightings.

Nessie, along with the tourists who come to look for it, are thought to be worth around £30 million to the Highland economy.

Visit The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register here to see the full list of 1,091 sightings dating back to 565AD.