“Listen, doll, would you like something fine to eat?”

“Why Tec, look here! My coat’s already on!”

I knew I was kinda fast, kinda excited, but still trying to be cool as can be, cos the kitchen I’d been expecting for some time had just opened its doors.

“Where we going in such a rush, Tec? Mmmm?” said the tall Moll.

“You recall that time you took me to dinner in Dennistoun just before Christmas? A special place, close to both our hearts … “

“Of course, Tec. There was ‘tutto per tutti!’ at Celino’s in the Parade.”

Just then we slew up in Dumbarton Road just past Partick Cross.

This was what I’d been waiting for.

“So, what do you think, Toots?” I said as I opened the door to Celinos West End.

The guy on the coffee counter to our left gave a great smile and welcomed us in.

Before and above us, the deli revealed itself as a vault of delight with cheeses, hams, olives, salamis – and there to say hallo to all, the man who made it happen, our old friend Claudio Celino.

“I've got a feeling you're going to graduate with honours,” Claudio. “This is puro morto brillante.”

Beyond the deli, the diner.

“Oooh, Tec! Pure shivers! Mah spine!”

“You know, my dear, in Italian that is ‘i brividi pura, la mia spina dorsale’,” I said with a hint of knowledge.

“And in Glaswegian it translates as get me a bottle of house white. Pronto!”

Guiseppe and his team have created a new jewel in the crown of Glasgow’s West End. This is everything for everyone and it already feels like it’s been here forever.

“I’m expecting greatness tonight, Tec!”

“You won’t be disappointed my sweet,” I said as her extended lashes reflected in her gloss scarlet nail polish from an upmarket make up counter.

Toots went for the gamberoni alla Siciliana – king prawns in a cherry tomato, garlic, white wine and chilli sauce – to start.

I chose the pate della casa – chicken liver Marsala paté with caramelised red onions and Italian toast.

“Oh, ah just love it here, Tec!” schmoozed my little chickadee.

“Tonight, Toots, I’m your Fairy Godmother. Celinos West End has it all – and you light it up.”

“Oh, Tec! Splendente!”

And indeed she was as her pollo pepe appeared. This is Celinos on stilts. Chicken breast in a cracked black pepper sauce with herb infused rice.

Me? I stepped into my unknown wild side and didn’t regret it.

Canneloni Giorno was today encasing rabbit, which I hadn’t eaten since I was a child on my aunt’s farm in Perthshire.

“And does it bring back some childhood memories?” said the dude taking great care of us all evening.

“Thankfully, not,” I wryly replied. “For this is excellent. Perfect vegetables, succulent sauce and the most tender, sweet bunny I have ever known.”

It cut perfectly and the infusion of the dish was sublime.

“I know that smile, Tec,” dribbled the doll.

“Hush, my sweet,” I said as I tenderly tended her chinny chin chin with my nappy napkin.

“This is all so beautiful,” she said. And I could only agree.

I’ve been waiting for Claudio to unlock his style and vavavoom on the West End.

We’ve loved it for years in the East End.

Time to share.

“You said it would be very special, Tec. It is. How are you?” inquired the Moll, looking strikingly special herself in a light most would call a shadow.

“You know me, I never speak about me.

“But I’ve had a most perfect day. Thank you.”

And with that, we thanked our marvellous host Guiseppe as we bade Celinos West End arrivderci.

“What does arreverdici really mean?” said the Moll as she curiously linked her arm with mine.

“It means ‘bye for now’,” my sweet.

“It means ‘see you again’”

And as we sashayed onto Dumbarton Road, we knew we’d be back.

“Whit’s that up there, Tec?” asked my fair midden.

“That’ll be the moon, my dear. And it’s shining on Celinos.”


235 Dumbarton Road


G11 6AB

0141 341 0311


King prawns £6.95

Chicken Paté £6


Chicken £14.95

Canneloni £9.95


House white Nuraghi bianco £16



Atmosphere – 4

Food – 4

Service – 4