PEDRO Caixinha is more convinced than ever that Rangers are on the right track - after a pep talk from his illustrious countryman Jose Mourinho. The Ibrox manager, who spent a few days during the international break presenting at a University of Lisbon course where Mourinho is also a guest lecturer, is on good terms with the Manchester United manager, the two in contact as recently this week as they discussed a fact finding mission to the UK by Chivas chief executive Jose Luis Higuera. While the two men are not in contact as regularly as they once were, Caixinha has sounded Mourinho out during the difficult start to his time at Ibrox and been reassured that his methods will be successful in British football.

"Talking to him totally confirmed my belief that I'm on the right track, especially because first of all he is the best," said Caixinha. "You need to look for the best.

"I have spoken often with Jose since taking this job," he added. "This week, for example, I e-mailed him because we’d had a visit from the CEO of Chivas in Mexico and he also wanted to go to Manchester United. He had asked me to call Jose and ask him if he would speak to the guy for five minutes.

“If you ask me which manager you would call to discuss football and training then it’s him. If I have something to ask him, I do it directly. There was a time when I spoke with him regularly but not any more. In those days, I was an assistant and I was looking for knowledge and making sure I was heading in the right direction.

“Now my time is overloaded but, whenever I do need to speak to Jose, I go directly to him. There is no-one better. And his advice has helped me since coming to Rangers, totally. We don’t normally speak like …’this situation has happened, what should I do?’ It’s more about direction and conviction, how to be convinced about the methodology you use and the way you use it. That’s what we discuss - training and matches and the preparation for each and the relationship between them. We got into the standards of this massive club and also the game model and the training model."