READING about the polluted roads near schools (Evening Times September 11), Glasgow City council’s policy of covering the roads in humps seriously increases air pollution, as do wood burning stoves.

They fill the air with highly poisonous smoke loaded with carcinogens,especially when wood with high moisture content is burned.

Ronnie Simpson, posted online

Charge more

PARKING meters are now installed in Partick, near the very polluted Dumbarton road.

Yet diesels are charged the same for a parking permit as less polluting cars.

Glasgow city council needs to take action.

Other cities charge more for diesel parking permits, does Glasgow city council not care about the huge pollution problem in Glasgow?

Tim Partick, posted online


I AM very sad and ashamed, so sad for the victims and their families of the mass grave in central Scotland at the hands of the nuns.

I am ashamed to be a human, a Scot, a Christian, every day we hear of horror stories, crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc but to hear of it in your own country by your “ own” type is a different level of shock.

If this was done elsewhere in the world by any other dictator they would be labelled war criminals.

This is indefensible, unjustifiable, vile and truly horrible committed by charitable nuns who got decent Christian burials, but the poor children were denied.

John McLean, by email

Excellent news

THE story about the veteran becoming Glasgow’s champion for the armed forces is excellent news.

This council, government and society need to help all of our services personnel first, not foreign aid or refugees, until we get our needy seen to first.

All service personnel sign up to put their lives on the line without question so we need to help our protectors first.

Jay Robertson, posted online

Outrageous plan

READING about the pub that is going to be “saved” (Evening Times September 11), so they are going to destroy the original pub that is perfectly preserved and build a replica!

Outrageous, I hope this is stopped in its tracks, shame on you Glasgow city council to allow this.

Alistair Wells, posted online