I AM sorry to say it but maintenance of the roads and lighting infrastructure in town is actually getting worse.

I have already highlighted stickers and graffiti not being removed from street furniture and lamp posts in and about George Square and the Style Mile.

The advanced notification for impending council works are still attached to poles with cable ties in and round Queen Street and Ingram Street/Hanover Street, months after the works have been completed.

It is fair to assume this happens all over the city.

Reporting these issues is futile and I hope the new SNP council leaders can give the land services department a good kick up the backside and start making improvements on these matters.

There’s an IRA sniper sticker on the pole in west George Street at Anchor Lane - just across from Queen Street station.

It’s been there for weeks now.

How bad does it have to get before the land services department start doing something about this shambolic situation?

Chrissie Francis, Merchant City

Beautiful boy

WHAT a beautiful little boy Lennon Toland is (Evening Times September 11).

He looks such a happy wee chap in the photos.

I can’t begin to imagine what his family are going through.

Lizzie F, posted online

Taxing problem

READING about the electric charging points coming in to stations (Evening Times September 11), if electric vehicles are to take over, how is the tax which is currently raised from petrol and diesel going to be raised?

Is domestic electricity going to massively increase in price due to the shortage caused by all those electric vehicles being charged or is the First Minister secretly building a nuclear power station somewhere?

Instead of people suffering from poor air quality in cities, they may end up suffering serious injuries from being knocked down by silent vehicles.

Ronnie Simpson, posted online

No free power

WHY should these charging points be free?

Ultimately this is the tax payer that is stumping up for this and as a tax payer who has a proper car (one that doesn’t give you cancer nor needed charged up every 100 miles) can I have some free electricity too please?

Andrew, posted online