MY heart goes out to the family of the little boy Lennon Toland. (Evening Times September 12)

One year on and here we have vans still parking on pavements.

I too feel no van or car should be parked on a pavement, but some drivers seem to think it’s an extension of the road.

I too have struggled by these vans with a pram, and believe me it’s utterly outrageous.

Apart from the obstruction they cause it’s also not right that any driver feels it’s acceptable to park on a pavement.

Report them to their companies and police and if they continue doing it start a campaign to get the law changed that no vehicle car or van can park on a pavement.

That’s why we have roads, car parks these are safer places where people should be parking.

At times I feel particularly with vans they have their own rules and as long as they keep getting away with selfishly parking causing obstruction etc they will keep doing it.

Every van company should be aware of how good their drivers are and if they don’t shame on them. if their company name appears on their van report them.

J Quinn, Glasgow

Not about indyref

SO Nicola Sturgeon wants a new cross-party consensus on boosting the powers of Holyrood in the face of Brexit? (Evening Times September 11)

Independence by stealth then. Is this because she knows that she would not “win” a referendum?

All political parties should be concentrating on showing a united front in our Brexit negotiations instead of giving the EU more ammunition with which to shaft us.

It’s not all about “her”.

Frank Carlin, posted online

Bus pollution

READING about the transport summit planned for Glasgow (Evening Times September 12), it’s just as well the Victorians didn’t have the same attitude as Glasgow City Council currently have or the city wouldn’t even have the wee underground which it currently has.

Looking at the bus congestion, I ask myself why the city council are wanting to listen to Colin Howden of Transform Scotland who appears mainly to be a lobbyist for the bus and train companies.

He seems not to understand that running old buses in circuitous routes causes as much if not more pollution than people going from A to B by more efficient means.

I suggest that anyone who thinks the answer to efficient transport and clean air in Glasgow is to run old poorly maintained buses through it,should go for a cycle along Glasgow’s main roads and observe the black smoke belching out of the buses every time they move.

Ronnie Simpson, posted online