READING about Theresa May being ‘too busy’ to visit Glasgow (Evening Times September 13), politics is only a game and we are unfortunately the pawns.

That will never change no matter which party is in power.

As for what politicians say they will do if they get into power, does anyone actually ever believe them? All they are saying are empty words to try and obtain a position in this world whereby they gain some personal advantage.

The likes of Theresa May, who probably struggles to identify where Glasgow is on a map, will not give one hoot about what goes on here.

Make no mistake, she will sleep pretty soundly each night and not worry one jot.

Michael Clohessy

Parties the same

EVERY time I see Nicola Sturgeon standing proudly behind the Queen cutting the ribbon for some unveiling in Scotland, it’s right at that moment I know there is no difference between any political party.

Proudly rubbing our noses in inequality and showing acceptance for propping up the biggest spongers in the country.

Always time for sycophantic kowtowing to her majesty, time for selfies and self promotion, while her constituency is ignored and the long term residents left to suffer.

They are all as bad as each other, playing politics and keeping the loyalty of the people divided for their own personal gain.

Carole Daly, posted online

Vote them out

I APPLAUD the local MP for his efforts, however, when has inviting a Tory to Glasgow (or Scotland) ever worked out for us.

I remember Iain Duncan Smith making a visit to Easterhouse and him apparently having some sort of epiphany, crocodile tears, when he seen what his government was doing to this country.

Several years on, the MP for Glasgow East invited him back to see how things had gotten worse since his visit rather than better. He declined that offer just like May here.

Better idea would be to vote all Tories out for the ‘good’ that they do us.

Name and address supplied

Long overdue

REGARDING the upgrade to Partick interchange (Evening Times September 13), this is an absolute shambles SPT!

This work could and should have been completed YEARS ago. Using the excuse of increased traffic at this point is just weak. The Waterfront development was completed in 2008 and the QEUH was in the offing for years - it was inevitable that this work would need to be done.

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