A MAN carried out a campaign of assaults against randomly-chosen women who were travelling to and from work.

Thomas Archer punched, kicked and spat on six woman he passed during three days of attacks.

The 36-year-old was jailed for four months after Glasgow Sheriff Court heard he was a danger to the public.

On June 13 last year a woman travelling home from work was on the escalator in Glasgow Central Station when she spotted Archer on the other side travelling up towards her.

Without warning he reached over and punched the woman on the head, causing her to scream out "Someone help me."

The court heard the woman was "shocked and frightened" following the attack, which left her with significant swelling to her face.

The following day another woman, who was travelling to work, was dropped off by her husband on Clyde Street around 6.55am and began to walk along Argyle Street.

As she passed Argyle Street Station, Archer suddenly gave her an "almighty kick" to her ankle, causing her to fall to the ground.

Archer, from Govanhill, walked off but, as he passed a man and woman standing outside Cafe Nero, he clipped the woman to her ankle.

Meanwhile, the first woman began to follow Archer in an attempt to take a photograph of him.

Archer then punched her to the face. When he was detained he told police: "I told her to stop filming and she wouldn't so I punched her.

"I know it was wrong."

The court also heard that on December 15 Archer assaulted three women.

One, who was walking to work, was spat on by Archer as he walked behind her at Bridgeton Cross.

He then asked a woman, who was standing outside her work, for a cigarette and when she said no he also spat on her.

Finally, he pushed a third woman who was walking along Orr Street.

Sheriff Barry Divvers admonished Archer on drug charges, having been caught on April 29 last year with diamorphine.

He was sentenced to four months each for the attacks on June 13, June 14 and December 15 to run concurrently.