THE SNP leadership of Glasgow City Council is launching an independent review to dig into activities of previous Labour administrations.

Susan Aitken, leader of the council, has appointed Colin Mair of the Improvement Service to review “past decisions and practices” of her predecessors.

The post is being dubbed a ‘transparency Tsar’ but some believe it is a ‘sleaze-finder’ to uncover any potential underhand practices of Labour councillors.

Labour has said it has no problem with a review but is concerned that it has been done without any scrutiny or approval of any council committee or the full council.

Ms Aitken defended the decision at a full council meeting and said in making the appointment she “was acting within the decision making procedures of the council.”

Labour however said it was a contradiction.

Labour councillor, Bill Butler, said: “A transparency Tsar is something we have no problem with

“But we would have thought the process of how it was appointed would go through the normal procedures of the council. It is contradictory.”

Ms Aitken said after consultation with council Chief Executive , Annmarie O’Donnell, she approached the Improvement Service.

She said: “The Improvement Service is there for councils to use. It is independent and separate from the council.

“The Improvement service and its Chief Executive, Colin Mair, was approached in that capacity. Colin Mair is leading the review on behalf of the Improvement Service.

“It is entirely appropriate for the council to approach the Improvement Service.”

The council and the Improvement service are finalising the remit of the review and how it should proceed.

The IS wants the review to be overseen by an all-party group of elected members and the final report will be submitted to the full council.

Mr Mair is understood to recommend the review, its approach, methods and findings should be monitored by a panel of community representatives.

A social media platform for the public to make suggestions is also being considered.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “The city government was elected on a commitment to lead Glasgow in a spirit of openness, listening and responsiveness. The Improvement Service is a widely respected centre of excellence for local government practice.

“They will help us to consider the best way to ensure public participation and confidence in our decisions and they will do it in a way which involves all parties in the council and most importantly the citizens of Glasgow.”