A Facebook user who tried to publicly humiliate Police Scotland cops over dodgy parking quickly wished he hadn’t when the tables were well and truly turned.

Callum Smith, from Dumfries, took a picture of a force vehicle at his local Tesco which was slightly parked on yellow diagonals.

Posting it onto the Dumfries Galloway Police Division Facebook page, he wrote: “Some parking at tescos Dumfries tonight.”

Glasgow Times:

However, what happened next was something our Callum definitely did not see coming.

The page hit back with a picture of Calum’s dodgily parked car at the very same Tesco - FIVE years previously.

Posting it under his original comment, a social media assistant said: “Thanks Callum. Remember you parked in the same car park 5 years ago and tagged the photo the ‘polo way to park’. Here’s the photo to remind you, oh and that’s also a disabled space.”

Glasgow Times:

Naturally, folk went nuts following the major burn as the post quickly gained attention.

“What a response! Totally, and utterly owned!” said one comment, as another added, “You just won the internet.”

Another Facebook user replied: “Seriously, whoever is in charge of this page needs a pay rise for being so savage.”

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Taking none of it, the social media worker hit back: “If anyone deserves the pay rise it’s the cops on the front line, answering the emergency cries for help from those who have been assaulted, injured or need our immediate help.

“Today, tomorrow and next week those same officers will continue to police the streets of Dumfries and Galloway while I watch what’s involved in policing across Dumfries and Galloway from a computer screen - so it’s them that deserve the recognition.”