IN response to Mr Clohessy’s letter in ‘In Your View’ (September 15), I completely agree with everything he said about Theresa May.

It was England that put Theresa May in as prime minister and, as typical English Tories, they only look after their own.

It’s not surprising that a Tory PM would only visit Tory MPs in their own country.

Theresa May will only visit Scotland if it makes the Tory government look good.

But if she’s asked to visit an area like Easterhouse, she’s not interested.

Being a Tory, she just turns a blind eye and makes the excuse that her diary is ‘too busy.’

I wonder if she was asked to visit an area like Newton Mearns or Bearsden, if her diary would be ‘too busy’?

I just hope that she enjoys her days as PM because they are slowly coming to an end, especially here in Scotland.

As usual, the Tories only want to line their own pockets.

P McNee, Craigend


READING about the thug given a banning order following the pitch invasion at the cup final (Evening Times September 19), all those arrested (and any future arrests if Police Scotland still have 10 guys trawling photos) they should be tried by the same Sheriff.

Consistency is required across all sentencing.

It appears that the fair minded Glasgow judiciary have been somewhat lenient to the Hibs and Celtic fans arrested that day.

Cammy Watson, posted online

Suspend licence

THE news about Ryanair cancelling flights (Evening Times September 18) - why is this shambles of an airline still allowed to operate?

Their licence should be suspended until they prove they are properly functional again. They are messing with people’s lives and don’t care how much grief they cause.

They are still taking bookings for flights they know will be cancelled which is scandalous. Not only that they are charging folk to rebook unless they accept whatever flight they are given.

Any victims of this scam are left trying to book last minute flights at great expense.

People are using their flights to get to weddings, funerals, honeymoons and all sorts and get a text saying your flight is binned and so are you.

Best of luck getting where we said we'd take you. No other business could operate in this manner.

Ryanair should be covering any extra costs as they contracted to fly these people.

The government needs to step in and suspend their operating licence as the company is being totally mismanaged and taking money for something they can’t provide.

Iain McKenzie, posted online