READING about the privately owned homes in Glasgow with Grenfell-type cladding (Evening Times September 20), this information should be made public immediately.

That the fire service have not been told is seriously out of order.

Raymond Barlow, Assistant Head of Planning and Building Standards with the city council, should be sacked immediately.

Name and address withheld

GCC not so bad

NOTABLY, only “private” multis seem to be affected by the cladding.

Perhaps Glasgow City Council isn’t so bad after all.

At least they took the care to look after the safety of their tenants.

Ron Campbell, posted online

Secure plots

THE story about the theft of hundreds of veg from the city garden (Evening Times September 20), you would have thought there would have been some security at the site.

Rigging up a CCTV camera is relatively cheap.

I feel sorry for the people who put in all that work though.

Seems like an odd thing to steal in abundance considering vegetables decay relatively quick.

Will Meek, posted online

Well done Mattie

GOOD for Mattie McGeouch and her efforts in Possilpark (Evening Times September 20).

I don’t find it particularly surprising that she’d still live there.

If I came into loads of cash, I’d still live in my community.

This is where I want to be, even after having lived in other countries.

I’d probably take a few more holidays though!

Lizzie F, posted online

Employ cleaners

WHY has street cleaning and uplifts become such an issue?

Is it that long ago since there was a Glasgow Corporation Cleansing Department with a workforce employed by the Corpy with Inspectors who not only kept an eye that the work was being done but who also reminded residents and shopkeepers of their responsibilities.

I’m not saying it never happened but I really do not recall the sight of rubbish lying about footpaths the way it does now.

It’s time for the council to stop the talking, get a dedicated, full time workforce on decent wages organised and stop the present level of illegal disposal.

Johnny Mack, posted online