WHEN travelling to Glasgow from Stirling several times during the first Independence referendum in 2014, I noticed a billboard strategically placed on the approach to the M80 which initially had a large “Yes” sticker displayed.

A week later, a “No” sticker was visible.

Shortly after that, the word “SCUM” had been crudely daubed on top.

It was a sad and vivid snapshot of how this country is tearing itself apart like an earthquake.

And the belligerence continues in the streets despite the democratic “No” result. Independence clearly does not bring unity.

Andrew Forsyth, Glasgow

Plot thickens

IN reference to the missing veg at Pollok House (Evening Times September 21), the plot thickens, as they say.

However, I’m also sceptical of this new explanation, based on one anonymous person saying what they say they saw.

The sign had been up for weeks, and at busy weekends, without anything getting raided.

Also, Pollock House has got involved in Doors Open Day in previous years, without any issues.

The staff have also said that the trail of vegetables only led to one vehicle. Then again, why would anyone bother to steal so much veg that is bound to have such a short shelf life.

Lizzie F, posted online

Child carers?

REGARDING the cash for teen carers (Evening Times September 22), isn’t there a law against children working long hours?

Even within the acting industry child actors have to have a letter signed by a sheriff officer to allow them to work.

Linda Thomas, posted online

Great story

READING about the pensioner who found a pay packet 62 years later (Evening Times online September 21), what a brilliant story!

I’d have that full pay packet put behind glass with a wee description of what it is like as a small museum piece.

I might put a small hammer with “ break in case of emergency" next to it for a laugh!

Jim Jones, posted online

Waste of time

I’M not even going to bother to enter the ballot for Christmas lights tickets.

I went every year with family until it became ticketed. I have applied every year since (my family included) and we have NEVER been allocated tickets.

Theresa Bannigan, posted online