READING about the needle exchange to close (Evening Times September 25), a hospital is the only place drug users should be offered help.

Why should a cleaner or members of the public or a woman changing her babies nappy be exposed to the risk of contracting HIV with ‘discarded drug litter’ found on 10 occasions.

Drug facilities have always been attached to hospitals so let’s not push the problem elsewhere.

Linda Thomas, posted online

'Horrible' city

GLASGOW city centre is horrible.

I used to love going shopping when I was a child. I was even allowed to go on my own with friends Christmas shopping when I was 10 years old.

There is no way I would allow a child to do that now.

It’s horrible, dirty and unsafe.

I don’t like going there now, it just feels foreign.

Our city has deteriorated big time.

Carol Daly, posted online

Rough justice

READING about the woman who accused a cabbie of theft, (Evening Times September 25) she should have got the same punishment the taxi driver would have got if he was guilty.

It’s despicable, the man could have lost his livelihood and maybe his liberty for nothing.

The man did the honest thing, which would have been very stupid if he was guilty, and this scummy trash tries to land him in jail.

Not only that she gets a slap on the wrist when found guilty.

A far cry from what would have happened to the driver.

Iain McKenzie, posted online

Timely report

IN reference to the rape in the city centre (Evening Times September 25), it sounds as if investigators will be able to get decent forensic evidence in this case, given that it appears to have been reported very soon after the alleged assault.

Lizzie F, posted online

Death of the NHS

I FEEL so sorry for the 93-year-old former nurse who returned to where she trained that she had to see what "nurses" have become (Evening Times September 25).

She trained in GRI before the NHS. Now she has lived to see the death of the NHS!

Annie Anderson, posted online