READING about the girl told to pay for her uniform at a new trampoline attraction (Evening Times September 26), it’s ridiculous.

If a company wants staff to wear a uniform, it should pay for that uniform.

The reason the company quotes of “getting uniform, not showing and keeping uniform” is ridiculous. There are other ways to deal with that and if it is happening regularly you have to question the interviews and quality of staff being employed.

Col Johnstone, posted online

Free advertising

THIS uniform business is a pet hate of mine.

The way I see it in my company is that my employees travelling to and fro from work, going for lunch , sitting in a bar after work etc while wearing my company name and logo is basically free advertising.

I wouldn’t dream of charging them for a uniform.

Granted my staffing levels are low (it’s just a small company) so the cost of people leaving with a uniform wouldn’t be that high.

Still it’s just not right to charge for uniforms in my opinion.

Jim Jones, posted online

Return uniform

IF an employee hands in notice of leaving surely the firm can get back their loaned uniform before leaving?

If an employee up sticks and departs with the firm’s uniform likely the employee will have unpaid working hours - recoup the cost of uniform from the unpaid working hours?

Angus Mackay, posted online

Give it free

THEY could easily give uniform free and then have a charge if they do not return it this could be implemented in a contract that monies would be withheld from your final wage.

In reality uniforms should be provided free as who would want to wear a second hand one that was returned?!

Frances McCann, posted online

Badly let down

READING about the social worker struck off for putting children at risk (Evening Times September 26), this is shocking.

Thank god she was struck off but she should never have been a social worker in first place.

Those poor children in her care were so badly let down by the person whose job it was to protect them, it’s just awful.

Viv Marshall, posted online