I NOTE the Evening Times coverage of the Four Corners in the city centre. (Evening Times September 26).

Maybe the councillors could use their influence and direct the council to see if the unused phone boxes could be removed, where people are littering, urinating and carrying out graffiti.

This would allow the CCTV cameras to be able to collect video footage of the crimes going on.

Name and address supplied

Nothing done

REGARDING the story about the Four Corners, last Monday I was approached at the bus stop but I look younger than I am.

I told one of them I was listening to music. He then approached a 17-year-old but a couple stepped in but a fight broke out.

I called the police but they were in a meeting and waiting on nightshift so I doubt anything was done.

I never heard back from them. I knew straight away what his motives were.

Lorna Cumming, posted online

More volunteers

I APPLAUD the work that Jill Ferguson does for the city of Glasgow. (Evening Times letter September 26).

Maybe, as an idea, she would like to become a neighbourhood improvement volunteer coordinator to help support other volunteers in her local area.

I am sure there must be like minded volunteers city wide she could help and motivate.

Name and address supplied

Not before time

READING about the new drop off point at the Hydro (Evening Times September 27), this is not before time.

The Hydro car park is an absolute disgrace .

The open space car parks are sitting empty while the multi storey is a complete mess, run of course by the council.

Let’s hope this works better.

James Connor, posted online

New low level

RYANAIR has always been a poor airline in my eyes.

Nothing but terrible experiences with them.

However, these latest cancellations are taking it to a new level.

They’ve really made a mess of things recently and I assuming it’s going to hit them very, very hard.

Name and address withheld