I SUPPORT the government changing back the woman’s retirement age to 60.

I have recently been retired on ill health from my job of 20 years. I am 57 years old and unable to work due to side effects of my treatment.

Given the government decided I should not receive my pension at 60 I am left without the financial benefit of receiving my pension at 60 and, should I survive, will have to wait till I’m 66 before receiving anything.

I have worked all my life since age 13 as a paper girl, going on into full time employment at age 16. I have paid all my tax and national insurance throughout.

I find this decision flawed and unjust and want the government to change this back to 60.

We as mothers deserve to be considered as deserving of our pensions at 60.

We have worked hard to support our families and the country without recognition.

Mrs V Halbert, by email

Boycott place

WITH regards to Col Johnstone’s letter concerning the girl told to pay for her uniform at a new trampoline attraction. (Evening Times September 28), my advice to the young girl is contact the “HMRC” and ask if this is tax deductible.

She should also check if the trampoline attraction company is getting any tax breaks for supplying their employees for uniforms.

But, failing that, tell all visitors to the attraction “ if you mess up my uniform I will have to bill you”.

My final comment is for the public to boycott.

Jim Tees, by email

Waste of money

GLASGOW city council has issued 50,000 small food waste bins to households.

There was no consultation done and these bins are no use since being too small, they attract flies and maggots, never mind asking when will they get emptied.

Can they not take the bins away and put in communal bins at street corners or in car parks?

It is another waste of tax payers money.

Name and address supplied

No plot proof

READING about the recording of a conversation in which Alex Rowley apparently backed Richard Leonard for the Labour leadership (Evening Times September 27), any opinion expressed privately, should be kept private.

To run to the media with a recording in order to undermine a party colleague, is reprehensible.

There must be some parts of the private conversation missing from the report, as I for one can’t see anything which would suggest a ‘plot’ against Kezia Dugdale.

Donnie Pollock, posted online