READING about the two murders committed 15 minutes apart (Evening Times October 11), these crimes happened in a ‘safer’ Glasgow where we were told crime and especially violent crime was on the way down.

Who are they kidding? Glasgow is a very violent place.

I can’t compare it to other cities as I’ve not got the experience but I have of Glasgow.

I believe it was this year that the government was trumpeting about a drop in violent crimes etc.

This unfortunately is another example of them doing nothing about our safety and security while telling us things are getting better

Jay Robertson, posted online

Conflict over fan

I’M a bit conflicted about the Celtic fan who escaped jail for running onto the pitch (Evening Times October 12).

On the one hand, running onto the pitch at the end of the match to celebrate a win although not acceptable is far different to running on and attempting to assault someone.

If he’s no previous for violence then it’s probably the correct decision because if you had no record and attempted to but didn’t assault someone on the street then it’s unlikely you would go to prison.

But it should be an automatic 10 years ban from football.

Jim Jones, posted online

Jail right answer

WHY was the Celtic fan not jailed?

That would send out a message that being drunk is no excuse.

The club will most likely now be fined a fortune.

Winston Ingram, posted online

Civil action

JAIL is the only place for this guy.

He’ll have the same smug attitude to his sentence as he had when he was being led away by the police.

I’d like to see Celtic pursue through a civil action to recover the costs of the fine.

Des Friel, posted online

People need help

READING about the recovering alcoholic who praised a city firm for helping her turn her life around (Evening Times October 10), it’s nice to see Scottish people getting help instead of being thrown on the scrapheap.

We need more of this, better training and opportunities for those who lives have been blighted by problems.

Carol Daly, posted online