READING about the fire service patrolling flats with cladding (Evening Times October 12), so if the fire service are at these flats every four hours what happens if a fire breaks out in say Partick?

Who will attend that ?

These flats are privately owned and have been there 20 years or more with no problems.

Will this work be undertaken by insurance or homeowners, or worse the public purse, while the elderly lose out on care and respite the wealthy owners get money to fix a problem that should have been highlighted by their surveyors and paid for by themselves.

William Findlay, posted online

Get collar number

READING about the private ambulance driver getting a ticket for going through a bus lane when collecting a body for the police (Evening Times October 12), the moral is don’t do anything like that even if the cops tell you without getting their lapel number.

The guy is gonna have to cough up unless Glasgow City Council have a change of heart but can’t see it as he has no proof the cops told him.

Pete Gibson, posted online

Take it to court

I REMEMBER this story when it first came out and he tried to get the evidence from the police, but what the police were willing to provide GCC wouldn’t accept as suitable proof of the incident.

If I was representing this company, I would take it to the highest court available as Glasgow City Council have a history of issuing fines which in a lot of cases they’ve been forced to withdraw.

I would also ensure that GCC were forced to pay any and all legal fees as well as compensation to the company for the hassle.

What on earth was the ambulance supposed to do? Leave a dead body in a road which would be seen by pedestrians and cyclists during the day?

What is even crazier is that the road the ambulance had to use was actually closed for the event so no buses could even drive down anyway.

Alex Rhymer, posted online

Beyond belief

THE belligerence, obstinacy and stubbornness of GCC is beyond belief.

They would declare that black was white then refuse to back down unless you could provide sufficient written evidence to the contrary.

Common sense and reason are totally alien concepts to GCC.

It’s depressing that such incompetents have so much power and control over our daily lives.

I hope they cancel this fine but I don’t fancy his chances.

Patrick Fealty, posted online