A YOUNG schoolboy has collected winter items for Glasgow's homeless after he witnessed firsthand people sleeping rough on the city streets.

Alexander Sangster, 9, was in the city's Sauchiehall Street at the end of the summer holidays and discovered homeless people sleeping on the streets.

The youngster, who has additional support needs, had indicated to his mum two days prior that he wanted to do something for charity.

His first venture to raise funds for charity wasn't quite so successful but with a change in strategy, he has managed to collect hats, gloves and socks for the city's homeless.

Mum Lisa MacPhee, 37, explained: "It was the last week of the summer holidays and he said he wanted to raise money for charity. I let him go with.

"He said he would give people a shot of his bike for a donation. He went out, made a poster and sat on the street with his plastic table and chair. He came in with £3."

She added: "Two days later, we visited Glasgow and we were walking along Sauchiehall Street at 8.30am and he seen the homeless sleepers. There was a lot of questions about them and it was only when we were heading back he said he wanted to give the money to them.

"I phoned Glasgow Street Pastors to find out if there was an object rather than money. This is where the hats, gloves and socks idea came from. We put a post out on facebook and we also made posters describing what he was doing, and people from have just donated all of what they have got."

Alexander and Lisa visited the city to hand over several bags of donations which mainly came from people in the family's hometown Fort William.

Lisa said: "I am very proud of him because Alexander has additional needs so he finds things in life quite difficult.

"I think what make it stand out for me more is that I was watching a TV programme about the brain and it was saying that most people see homeless people as objects and not human. So for him to be able to recognise that people like that are struggling, it is a big deal I think."

Stuart Crawford, co-ordinator of Glasgow Street Pastors, said: "It is really important because we are now entering the phase of the year where the temperature is dropping and we are actually now seeing more people on the streets.

"To be able to give out warm stuff, the likes of which Alexander has donated, is absolutely fantastic.

"What is even better is that this young man saw something which other people just walk past.

"He picked up on the fact that there is people who do not have anywhere to stay and he did something about which I think is absolutely wonderful."

To donate and for more information, visit https://streetpastors.org/locations/glasgow/